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Disneyana Dollars

Yes... we have completely lost our minds! In an effort to kick-start our sales, we are offering an unprecedented Disneyana Dollar offer where you can earn as much as $225.00 in Disneyana Dollars when you spend $500.00 or more in a single transaction. The promotion is going on NOW and ends on Friday, September 25th at 11:59pm EST (just before midnight Saturday).

Disneyana Dollars will be issued in the form of a coupon and will be issued on or before Sunday, September 27th and can be used starting at 6:00am EST on Monday, September 28th. Please note that the Disneyana Dollars will be valid for ONE WEEK and will expire at 11:59pm EST on Monday, October 5th (just before midnight Tuesday).

Please contact us if you need your Disneyana Dollars split up into smaller amounts or need an extension on the expiration date. We will do our best to try and accommodate everyone so they can maximize their purchasing power.

In addition, we will be posting a special Item of the Day which will be an offer that you simply cannot refuse! Please note that most of these items are limited to only one in our inventory and once they're gone.... they're gone! The first Item of the Day will be posted at approximately 9:00pm EST on Thursday, September 17th and will be available for the next 24 hours or until it sells.

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